Welcome to Cronkhite Farm: The Pheasant and Bird Hunting Grounds of South Dakota

We are a 2800 acre continuous farm located in the heart of pheasant county, Draper, South Dakota.  As a 25 year veteran of road and public bird hunting, it has been a dream come true to live, work and hunt my own property. If you are interested in incredible pheasant and game hunting, you know, like the kind your grandfather and father used to talk about, then this is the place for you. Our guides and dogs are excellent as they flush and retrieve over 1000 wild pheasant roosters a season. This IS the real deal here. If you are looking for a place to chill out with your family or friends and own a bird farm for 3-4 days, the Cronkhite Farm is the place for you.

We are currently offering a limited amount of pheasant hunts (6-8 per season). I do not believe in large production bird and game hunts, this is not how I grew up hunting and this is not what we want to do. We prefer groups of hunters 5-8 at a time. This makes the pheasant hunting more intimate and exciting. Here is what we offer:

  • Farmhouse accommodations can sleep up to 12 in beautiful Draper, South Dakota
  • Guided pheasant hunts. Our guide has dogs, meets you at the farmhouse and takes you bird hunting daily!
  • An inexpensive, native bird hunt with an exclusive, professional guide.
  • Big screen TV with satellite including “the hopper” (DVR) so you can record those important games to view after the pheasant hunt
  • 3000 acres of grass draws, CRP, food plots, crop fields and wind row’s. A perfect pheasant and wild game haven.
  • We do not include food or beverage but the farmhouse has a full kitchen and we will have a grill for your use.  Additionally there are several restaurants for some local flavor close by if you don’t feel like cooking.

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See why hunting pheasant and wild game at Cronkhite Farm is so exciting!

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