Before coming to Cronkhite Farm, please be sure you have everything you need. IMPORTANT NOTE: While we will do everything we can to accommodate you for the hunt, please understand that this is wild terrain. Expect to walk for birds approximately 5 miles per day. Also note that hunting times may be affected by weather for safety of the dogs and hunters. The Guide will have final say over hunting start and stop times. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us right away so we can ensure the best hunt possible. We generally start the hunt at 10am (except the first week) and wrap up around 3pm latest.

Here’s a list of items you MUST bring before you can hunt:
– Hunting license/tags which can be purchased GFP.SD.GOV.
– Rifle or shotgun (depending on hunt) ***Highly recommend 12 gauge semi automatic*** (no plug required)
– Enough ammunition for your hunt. For shotguns, recommended shot size minimum #5 shot 1 1/4oz load

These items are strongly recommended:
– Hunting vest able to carry birds and/or specialized gear
– Warm/heavy AND cool/light clothing
– Good sturdy hiking/hunting boots
– Food for meals and snacks

Guide gratuity is not included in the cost of the hunt. Standard gratuity is generally between 15-20% of the total cost of the hunt. Ultimately it is up to the hunter to decide final gratuity. If you have questions regarding hunting regulations within South Dakota, we’d be happy to answer them, or you can review the South Dakota Hunting Regulations page and associated PDFs.